In between the base of the lush and rich farm land and gentle waters of the China Sea, 30 hotel rooms and 4 Exclusive Villas with a private pool awaits your discovery. The infinity pool is right at your doorstep and the sea a few steps away. Turn your back to the world to unwind and relax. As our guest, you will experience the warmth of our blankets as you doze of blissfully on our comfortable mattress that lies one a Narra wood bed. Indulge in a hot or cold shower. Close your eyes, light candles and incense and submerge in a bathtub or jacuzzi.

All rooms are equipped with air conditioning units, intercom phone service and cable television. You will not find the stereotypical atmosphere of a resort here. No You will feel the difference that could only be brought by aged hard wood furniture, lush green plants and flowers, the soft ocean breeze, the shy yet welcoming smile of our staff and the mystery of feeling as if you're finally home.